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yoga classes online, in didsbury, manchester and in graz, austria

Y O G A  for
L O N G  C O V I D
by this yoga

Welcome to the first online Yoga course dedicated to the recovery from Long Covid. Created by wellness and medical professionals, Yoga for Long Covid is an accessible six week programme designed to steadily improve ease and energy in your body-mind.

Try First Class for Free

With a one off payment of £40, you can enjoy unlimited access to high quality HD Yoga for Long Covid movement and breathwork classes over a six month period. 

The online programme features:

  • 6 20 minute Yoga classes

  • 3 Breathwork exercises

  • 1 Deep Relaxation

  • 3 Audios of the Breathwork & Relaxation classes to download

  • 1 Mindful Self Compassion audio

Nobody will be turned away for lack of finances. Please email us if you'd like to access the course but do not have the financial means to do so.

about this yoga

this yoga is an inclusive yoga approach creating accessible classes for all online, and in Graz, Austria, as well as workshops in Didsbury, Manchester.


Drawing upon experiences in various yoga traditions, medicine, therapeutic and movement practices this yoga believes in encouraging expression and compassion on the mat and beyond with kind, embodied practices for your whole being. Every class is characterised by being curious and inquiring about where we find ourselves in the present moment. 

The approach is entirely tailored to the individual, with our diverse students ranging from World Cup footballers to wise 80 year olds. We have experience working with professional athletes, doctors, busy mums, office workers, decorators, and everything in-between. Our vast experience and dedication to the practice of healing yoga means we have high regard for the each unique person and their journey. We have been featured on national radio, worked as part of wellness days for household names, as well as being Yoga teacher to Everton FC's First Team for over a seven year period before relocating to Austria.

this yoga classes

Embodied Yoga

Our skilled teachers will guide you through variations every step of the way, encouraging self-trust, belief, and safety so you create a bespoke practice that honours your individual needs.

Therapeutic Yoga

Floating Earth is a practice of awakening stagnancy through fluid, dynamic movements before arriving into a more therapeutically grounded place.

release & relax yoga

Release & Relax Yoga is the perfect way to soften any tension in the mind-body with gentle movements before a guided relaxation to reset your whole being. 

private yoga classes

We recognise that we are all different, and this is something to be honoured through the creation of a yoga practice that meets an individual’s lifestyle, constitution, and needs.

this yoga prices and booking

online classes

75 mins - £9.00


starting from £40.00



Friedrich Nietzsche

this yoga: teachers

christoph seiland christoph seiland


As the human body always was a subject of interest, awe and inspiration for me, I studied medicine to delve deeper into the mechanics and functions of it. I deeply value what I am learning as a doctor, however, I now also wish to share what I know through the practice of Yoga.


charlene mcauley, MA


I’m always a yoga student first and foremost. In a class setting I’m simply showing students what I have learnt through my own practice, wonderful teachers, and an exploration to live life as body-mind united. We are always whole.

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