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Part 3 – Individualise Your Home Practice

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been highlighting the various ways students can begin a yoga practice in the comfort of their own home and have included resources for online classes, meditations, and tips to create a conducive environment. In this blog, I’ll be looking more at personalising the yoga practice so that students practise according to their needs. Practising at home is really an empowering action as we use all of our intuition and knowledge to guide ourselves on the mat. At first this can be daunting as we worry if we’re doing it ‘right’, have quite a few false starts, and can wonder what to do next. As time goes on, a flow can be established as we memorise a sequence and mov

Practising at Home – Create Your Own Studio

Making one class a week but want to do more? While one class a week is better than none, my experience and research shows that we have to be practicing at least three times a week to maintain muscle length and strength, as well as cardiovascular and mental benefits. That said, the time and perhaps financial commitment of attending a group class may not always be forthcoming, which is why a home practice is perfect. In the last blog, I provided a number of resources for online yoga classes that can work to integrate a regular home practice which then may lead to a personalised self-practice (or maybe not!) Teaching yoga in Manchester and beyond for over 5 years, one of my biggest passions is

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