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Becoming an Astronaut

Can we see ourselves from above Sitting here reading in our home On a road in an area Part of a landscape In a country lying north Of a ginormous land mass Home to billions of people Living with other billions of people Forming just a fraction Of the squillions of creatures Breathing Drinking Eating Breeding Evolving Amongst a resource so awe-some We are blinded by its beauty? Can we see that we are one and the same thing? Earth. By Charlene McAuley Inspired by The Overview Effect

Once upon a time…

Once upon a time there was a guy who would neatly roll out his green mat each day, take a moment to gaze at his toes, feel the air between his fingers, and treasure the breath that marked the beginning of movement as observation. Stepping, reaching, circling to his inner promptings, he felt the vibrancy of each precious moment unconstrained by the expectations of a systematic mind, and unhindered by the progress. Fluidly ascending and descending, he swerved, rolled in reverence at his being breathing now, waving to the beat of his own drum. Life flowed effortlessly through his unexpectant lens, his body a vessel that conveyed what is without imposition of what was or should be, only fuelled

I Am What I Think

I’m feeling part-foolish, part-shattered as I make a Manchester-India roundtrip in three days, almost like a re-run of the Manchester-Bali roundtrip I made in 52 hours last year. What the hell is wrong with me? What is the pattern here? Am I this flakey person who can’t stick anything out? It’s all in my head. Literally. Every decision that goes south has it’s source in my head, a highly developed place where thoughts whirling around on what will be the next best step and then doing the math. From the time of booking to departure, I have tunnel vision and shrug off signs such as a dull ache in my belly, telling visions, and sleeplessness, for I have an aim in sight. At times, this short-sigh

From Snow to Sun, Again…

Ah, so I’m about to set forth to India for a month immersion with my teacher, Matthew Sweeney. I never find these trips easy in the beginning, strong attachments and jet-lagged bewilderment seem to scupper my well-meaning intention to explore my inner and outer world. Yet, inspite of the initial turmoil and even tears(!), I know it’s what I have to do, sacrificing the immediate discomfort for the greater reward of self-discovery away from the confines of my inner home bird. Everyone making these month-long trips is making a sacrifice in some way, whether it is time with children, partners, career breaks – or endings, as has previously been the case with me – we’re all giving something up, na

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