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Vote Leave in the EU Referendum? Absolutely Not

In under a month, the electorate will decide whether the UK will remain in or vote to leave the European Union. Studying this fascinating supranational organisation for the last 10 years, and writing a Master’s thesis on the UK’s role in EU decision-making, I’m quite aware of how bureaucratic and unaccountable it is, yet it is not the demon headmaster Vote Leave would have us believe. Enjoying similar status to founding member states, Germany and France, the UK has what we could describe a ‘cushy’ deal with the EU with opt-outs including: The Schengen Agreement (this is why we always need passports), Economic and Monetary Union (the sterling rules supreme and why we still love Travelex), Hum

Authentic Faces on a Path – Part One

Millions of people are practising this thing called Hatha Yoga, whereby a mat, postures, and breathing are a popular gateway to this sense of feeling the body here and now. Without a magic formula needed, the focus on the body and breath works to soften the edges of the most erratic minds, creating, perhaps, an unprecedented space in which the ‘Now’ is experienced. The glimpse of this ever-present stillness stands out like a beacon amongst the overwhelming act of ‘doing’, and for some, becomes the motivating reason to embark on a path to feeling a little more whole, fulfilled, and ‘complete’. Yet ‘complete’ entails all, including the heady heights of joy and the plummeting depths of sadness,

Releasing the Container and Starting Afresh

Standing in the shower, I asked myself ‘Can I start afresh?’ as I recalled the early years of yoga, and the blissful ignorance of the rich philosophical framework that gives structures Hatha Yoga. Back then, I didn’t have a clue about Yamas, Niyamas, Kundalini, some guy called Patanjali, or the type of yoga I was practising. I was reaching up with my inhale, folding with my exhale, and was in awe at the moments of silence that kept me going back for more. My diet started to change, I gossiped less, felt less inclined to have a boozy binge, and my insatiable appetite for shopping dwindled as I became slightly more mellow and less highly strung. When I read Yoga Mala a couple of years into wee

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