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Yoga and Truth

If you’ve been on the yoga block long enough, you’re probably all too aware of the debate within the yoga community as to what constitutes yoga, an ancient practice that is most commonly viewed as a series of shapes made by the body. Yoga is viewed as “Ashtanga”, “Jivamukti”, “Bikram”, “Iyengar” ad infinitum, but if yoga as a state means ‘wholeness’ so is skiing, running, dancing, sitting, swimming, walking, making love, but above all, simply being and knowing it. Yoga is the quest for the truth of our being, an understanding of who we really are underneath the layers of conditioning, samskaras, in order to return to a place whereby the sense of ‘I am’ is not limited by time and space but is

yoga mats reviewed

Aside from “How do I balance better?” the most common question I’m asked by students after class is “Where can I find a good yoga mat?” There are so many varieties on the market, so even after years of teaching and practising yoga, I’m always a little unclear as to which one is the best. Thankfully, has put in the leg work in compiling a list of the 10 best yoga mats currently available, which is no mean feat considering there are almost as many varieties as students practising yoga! To find out which one is worth your practice and cash, visit here. This all said, increasingly I’m practising sans mat as the movements demand more space with my body enjoying the direct contact to t

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