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Silence in the age of noise

I've just finished reading Silence in the age of noise by Erling Kagge. Drawing upon his experiences as an explorer, publisher, lawyer, father, and man, Kagge takes the reader on a beautiful quest for silence in this increasingly noisy world. As someone who is very sensitive to sound (as a child I'd cry if it was too loud!), I search for quietude yet am aware that if my mind is loud, the search is fruitless. Yoga and meditation teach me a lot by the inner silence that is always available like an infinite well that is waiting to be drawn upon. But more about that another time. For now, I'll leave you with an abstract from Kagge's Silence and implore you to read the book! Whenever I am unable

Yoga Home Practice

Can't make a yoga class in Northenden but still want to do a Yoga Motion practice? Here's a free online 20 minute class that will set you up for the day, or help you to reset! Filmed in by Lake Kumberg in Graz, Austria, the sequence involves movements to awaken and strengthen the body whilst releasing tension in the mind. Enjoy your practice and hope to see you in class soon. #yoganorthenden #yoga #yogaclasses #yogavideo #charlenemcauley #yogamotion #thisyoga

Pushing to be Enough

For some time I’ve had a hernia with it periodically ‘playing up’. Most recently, I was diligently doing the Yogic technique of Kapalabathi which although exhilarating was especially non-beneficial for my periodic hernia, yet strong activities such as deadlifts are not a problem, but a bit of strong breathing is. Perplexed, I took an hour out to sit with myself and ask: “What can I do to heal the manifestation of the hernia?” Here’s the reply I offered myself. At this moment it’s not a question of healing the hernia as it serves and has served a purpose to remind myself to enjoy the moment, the process of an action rather than focussing on the outcome, to explore the process with my whole wh

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