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When the critic makes you feel bad, reach for compassion

Some of the greatest suffering we cause ourselves. The inner critic is the compounder of our fears of purpose, being liked, loved, and our capabilities. It always says we can do better, we should’ve done more, and could be more - more than what we are now, more than what we did, and better than what we did. The lack of satisfaction is like a thirst that can’t be quenched: we keep trying but the voice is never satisfied. There’s always something that could be improved. Although I use ‘we’, the above is my felt experience of self-loathing and critiquing. I’m a bit of striver and perfectionist which has been helpful in many ways and debilitating in many ways. I came to yoga at 18 as it looked

I see you see me and that's ok

The following article is a combination of my experience and insights following the Gestalt Psychotherapy Foundation Year. It is likely to become richer and modified as my studies and experiences continue. To look into another’s eyes and see being seen, feel being seen, and hear I am seen as who I am in that very moment has formed the catalyst of acceptance. I am enough to be seen by another even when I am messy, jumbled and weak because that is OK. Their embodied acknowledgement is like water to the fire of intense doubt as I look back into their eyes and in doing so, I feel that my eyes also exist. And by sensing into our mutual existence, I am soothed by the common humanity. I see you see

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