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Optimal Health Depends on Relaxation

Relaxation matters BIG TIME. Feeling a little under the weather with a sneaky, persistent cold,I wish I could leave it at that; yet if you're anything like me, you don't simply take it a face value, you want to know what, why, how. Here's a prequel to a longer article I'll be publishing in a few weeks' time (please forgive the staccato sentences, I'm under the influence of said cold!). When I first encountered true whole being relaxation, I was blown away. Following a 20 minute Somatics audio recording by Amy Matthews, I was lying down the whole time, shifting slightly here and there, before resting. A leg outstretched, an arm traced a circle. I felt so embedded in my skin and floor in a way

Self Esteem v Self Compassion

Wanting to better than average at *everything* leads us on a path to nowhere, a logical impossibility that creates misery when the inevitable failure happens. Self-esteem is much bandied term, a term that means confidence and self-respect but unfortunately is not sustainable as it’s contingent on success and being better-than. As we know, it’s not possible to be better-than ALL THE TIME yet for some reason our culture tells us we have to pursue the illusive and step on others along the way. And then when the much fought-for success deserts us, our self-esteem follows suit, which means it is always an outside job that is not sustainable. Self-compassion is different. Meaning self-kindness i

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