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Wellbeing: the vital container of your life

Only when something has gone, do we appreciate what was lost. Or so long has something not been available that we no longer notice its absence, but are left wanting. Whether we’re fighting an illness and reminiscing about the healthier times and wondering “Why did I not appreciate my health then?!” or pain from an injury that has become part and parcel of who we are, we no longer notice the lack of wellness but ‘something’ seems amiss. Our sense of wellbeing is the cornerstone to a life that feels satisfying, and who doesn’t want to live with satisfaction? If asked “Is wellbeing important to you?”, most of us without hesitation would reply “Yes!” for we can sense into the truth that living w

Why you need to know the 'WHY' behind your 2020 goals

The start of the New Year is such a special time to (re)affirm our intentions for the year ahead, a collective endeavour to live our best life! And yet, there’s the baggage from previous years of stalled resolutions of short-lived attempts that case a shadow over our best intentions, so we’re ‘kinda’ committed but the little voice is sneering “Hmm, how long will this last?!” Sound familiar? Before I go further, I want to share my story. As a postgraduate student I was committed to my weekly at home Yoga DVD class. Every Thursday I’d roll out my mat, no questions or buts as I set the time aside and it was ultra convenient. Fast forward one year and I’m working crazy hours as a political consu

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