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Silver Linings

I had a meltdown last Friday when I my earnings plummeted after voluntarily ceasing group classes and the Premier League was suspended. Like so many of you I raced through the problems trying to find the solutions in a midst of fear as I also thought about the worst case scenarios. And then when it ran its course, I realised I could either succumb or find the silver linings in this unprecedented and collective situation. I now have more time on my hands which means the online platform I’ve been aiming for since last year can actually happen. An online collaboration with one of my most respected teachers to deliver a truly unique course can actually happen. A sense of togetherness with my lov

Stockpiling Peace

Stockpiling peace. Since the late last week, I occasionally catch myself sliding into a fearful trance of a ‘virtual reality’ based on possible future outcomes. Anyone who’s ever taken stock of such a moment can attest to the lethargy, sluggishness, yet wired nature of this real but untrue reality. And thankfully I have a practice. Last night I sat in my bedroom chair cherished for its (not so comfortable) armrests, and slightly reclining backrest before meditating for 25 minutes. I started frazzled, hearing the beer namesake virus on loop, until the constant returning to my bodily experience slowed the rapid thoughts until there was just me, sat on the chair with occasional thoughts but wit

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