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this belongs: opening to difficulty and the message of emotions

Whatever you feel is real, but our perception is not always true. As the emotions swirl with accompanying thoughts and sensations, how many of us have jumped into the vortex and identified with the narrative, the blame, the hurt only for the emotion to intensify? Or maybe we reach for distraction to avoid what is being experienced. Emotions serve a purpose in bringing our awareness to an underlying need, which sounds quite straightforward, but the lens through which we view this need has the filter of our hitherto conditioning obscuring and warping the message. Take anger. In its raw form, anger tells to protect myself or others, yet my conditioning adds a sense of self-righteousness, blame,

Feeling the goodness within

There’s a choice at the moment, do we go with Hobbes’ assertion that the natural state of mankind is ‘nasty, brutish and short’ or do we see the intrinsic goodness of each person? The former will be driven by our deepest fears, the latter will challenge some engrained beliefs but ultimately ask that we see the best in others and ourselves. Seeing the intrinsic goodness in ourselves and others is not always easy, but in this time of pandemic it’s essential to our individual and collective growth. Our limbic, lower, brain with it’s pre-rational fight-flight responses can so easily takeover in testing times, whereby we seek negative news stories that confirm our worst fears, the so called ‘nega

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