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embodied expression:

a workshop to explore

creative, aware movement

After many years of practising yoga daily, I became stuck and felt unable to move how I wanted to. I had all of this feeling inside yet my movement was rigid and contained. I wanted to explore creative, expressive movement and its relationship to the mind so set about trying to find a teacher. I discovered some amazing teachers but nobody who brought my interests together so I began to explore Dance, Somatics, Meditation and Gestalt Therapy alongside Yoga to find a way to integrate these complementary strands of realising the human potential. 


Embodied Expression is what I’ve discovered to date. It reflects a journey that has received most of my energy, earnings, and exploration to practice in a way that harnesses my creativity to expand my horizons to express in an embodied way. Every day I spend several hours researching alone and with students from all walks of life. Now I’d like to share some of these exciting, simple and complex patterns with you!


Movement is our most prevalent way of perceiving and expressing. When our movement expands, our awareness grows. 


The workshop will include the structure I’ve identified as being the most useful for recognising unuseful habits and creating new layering-effect patterns. We will take the time to be in the here and now before traversing through unexplored territory through the medium of the precious body drawing upon tools from Somatics, Yoga, Dance, Meditation and Gestalt. The workshop is designed to instil a heightened appreciation for the Self within the beautiful body organism and means of expressing our inherent, wondrous nature which itself doesn’t try to attain beauty, it simply is. The time has come to divorce what it means to be beautiful from the manufactured concepts advertisers sell to us.


I hope you leave the workshop with tools that enliven your movement practice and offer a way of expressing mood within your intrinsic beauty and expanding your perception of what it means to be a living, creating human being. 


Date: Saturday 20th October 2018

Time: 10am - 1pm 

Venue: Space Mill, 2nd Floor Wellington Mill, Duke Street, Manchester M3 4NF

Price: £45


Please note: The workshop is restricted to 12 people and I will have an assistant to ensure contact with all students. All students will receive a handout providing an overview of material covered. 


Click below and select 20/10/18 from the timetable calendar

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