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embody your centre: 

a workshop to enliven your core and live from your centre


moon yoga sequence northenden

The organs of the abdomen are often described as our ‘second brain’, and the multifaceted layers allowing for the most simple to the most complex of movements. Learning how to tap into the multidimensional core is an enriching skill that reveals how listen, feel, enliven and live from this powerhouse. In many cultures, the abdomen is revered as the centre of vibrancy, courage, and living intuitively. Awakening the centre of our bodies has a profound effect on all aspects of our being, creating a pathway to confidently occupy space. 


Led by Charlene McAuley, Embody Your Centre brings together her 23 year experience in Yoga, Dance, Pilates, and Somatic movement to deliver a workshop that teaches the skills to not only rebalance and strengthen your centre, but to also live from it. 


The workshop will include:

Breathing practises to release excess tension and activate the abdomen

Awakening techniques to identify and feel your multifaceted core as a bridge between the upper and lower body

Yoga asana practice to put the techniques into action and further strengthen your centre

Embodied meditation to connect with your centre


Upon completing the workshop, you will be given an after-care pack that will include breathing, moving, and meditation practices so you can continue to harness the power of your centre. 


Due to the specific nature of the workshop, Embody Your Centre will occur twice with the first aimed at beginners and the latter aimed at intermediate and advanced students of yoga. Each workshop has a maximum capacity of 12 participants. If you’re unsure which workshop applies to your experience, please contact

Embody Your Centre - Avid

17th March 2018, 2 - 5pm


Price: £30


Click below and select 17/03/18 from the timetable calendar

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