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moving from an embodied centre:

a collaboration with

Beaumont Organic


Rooted, light and balanced describes movement that emanates from the very centre of our physical beings. Sensing the connection to the earth below and space above,  a whole myriad of benefits awaits us when we plug-in to our core, some of which is tangible like:


Pain-free back

Feeling taller

Fluidity of movement

Stronger deep abdominals

Strength and grace


Some benefits are less tangible. As our connection to our centre grows, we begin to notice our self-confidence increase, and living in accord with our 'gut instincts'. Learning to sense into our bodily centre and strengthen this connection has a positive aspect on all aspects of our life, and is a skill we'll explore in detail with practical movements and embodied yoga. 


Held at the flagship concept store of Beaumont Organic, a Manchester-based international ethical ladies brand, you'll be one of only eight students at this intimate, unique workshop. Led by Charlene McAuley, co-founder of this yoga, Everton FC first team yoga teacher since 2014, and passionate explorer of the human body, you'll leave the session with what it means to have a 'strong core' both on and off the yoga mat.


After the session, you'll be served delicious herbal teas and homemade bites, as well as the opportunity to browse and purchase the beautiful organic wares. 


The workshop will include:

Breathing practises to release excess tension and activate the abdomen

Awakening techniques to identify and feel your multifaceted core as a bridge between the upper and lower body

Yoga asana practice to put the techniques into action and further strengthen your centre

Embodied meditation to connect with your centre


The workshop has a maximum capacity of 8 participants. If you have any queries, please contact

Sunday 12th May, 10am - 12pm

Beaumont Organic, 49 Hilton St, Manchester, M1 2EF

Price: £25


Click below and select 12/05/19 from the timetable calendar

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