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Embodied Yoga for Everyone

Welcome to Embodied Yoga! I'm so chuffed to be sharing this practice with you. It's an approach to practising yoga I've developed from my own experience as well as in teaching others over the years. This is a practice to meet yourself where you are, whereby the qualities of curiosity and kindness are the guiding lights as you move and breathe. It can be so easy to make yoga another thing to push ourselves in, and to do this would be missing out on the beauty of this millennia-old practice: you're already complete, yoga is wholeness, you are intrinsically yoga. 

Embodied Yoga is an invitation to drop the effort to achieve particular shapes, and to take the revolutionary step into the present moment. In this practice, you'll be guided through gentle movements to warm-up, pulsing, spiralling, and rolling movements to release tension from the mind-body. You'll complete the practice by resting in who you are right now.

My best,


Settling into Here & Now Yoga

Christoph and I are so pleased to collaborate to bring you Settling into Here & Now Yoga Somatics class. Starting off seated before moving into lying down, this free online yoga class is perfect for those days when you need purposeful relaxation to either destress or make space for softening. I've personally benefited enormously by taking the time for intentional relaxation, with it improving my sleep and sense of release. Relaxation can be so easy to skip in favour of more exerting forms of movement, yet to be at our best, we have to make time for releasing tension from mind and body. Including gentle waving movements and Somatic movements, before finishing with a Progressive Relaxation, Settling into Here & Now Yoga is an invitation for your whole being to take a big sigh and let go. 

Enjoy. X

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Mindfulness Meditation for Everyone

Everyday I’m thankful for discovering mindfulness/meditation 9 years ago, and feel so grateful to share from experience how it can help others. It’s a simple practice, not always easy, but definitely worth it. It only takes 5 minutes a day to begin with.


To mark Mental Health Awareness Week 2019, we've released two free 5-minute mindfulness sessions. I recommend that you spend 1-2 weeks with Mindfulness of Sound before moving to Mindfulness of Breathing.


We plan in the coming months to widen our Mindfulness offerings through workshops and courses.

For more information about Mindfulness, visit our blog.


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