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From human 'doing' to human 'being' - honour yourself on retreat

The idea of getting away from it all can seem too good to be true and that our worries and stress will follow wherever we go. Yet a switch from our usual environment and responsibilities to a healing container guided by skilled wellness professionals can be a powerful reset which has long-lasting effects even after the retreat has come to an end.

With stress at its highest rate and working hours longer than ever, getting away from it all is what most of us not only want, but need. Going on retreat whereby our body-mind needs are fully honoured is quite different to a typical holiday in that there is a collective intention amongst the retreat group that runs through every activity from the moment we arrive to long after we depart. A truly holistic, transformative yoga retreat is led by experienced teachers who create a nurturing, invigorating container which allows for a deep pause, reset, and potent transformation - they understand that in order to connect with ourselves, we have to slow down, relax, and reinvigorate from the crazy busyness of daily life. We have to honour our primal need to simply be.

As we encouraged through healing, embodied practices to breathe more deeply and feel into our bones, we begin to soften and yield into our bodies as if there are imaginary hands holding our experience. Just as muscles relax when held in a nurturing embrace, our body-mind can drop pent-up, long-held tension through the supportive container of a yoga retreat. Releasing tension from the inside-out, we begin to uproot habits that no longer sustain us, whilst planting the seeds of more helpful habits that are in accordance to our deepest, heartfelt desire.

My experiences of yoga retreats with exceptionally skilled yoga and wellness professionals have been a catalyst of profound transformation and a long-lasting reacquaintance with self-trust, acceptance, and appreciation for my life. This high regard for the potency of yoga holidays means that every detail of our Self Care Portugal Yoga Retreat has been taken care of to create an experience with all the ingredients you need to release tension, rejuvenate, and nurture who you really are.

There's plenty of opportunity to be a solo explorer and a group participant with our inclusive excursions, abundant nature and on-site freshwater lake. Our daily classes will be a therapeutic experience to inject presence into your here and now through energising, joyful yoga classes, embodied meditation, movement, breathwork and deep relaxation. The locally sourced, lovingly made 3 meals per day will give you vital strength, and your luxurious, spacious twin-bed ensuite will encourage deep rest surrounded by nature and the Atlantic breeze.

Christoph and I are touched to offer this unique opportunity for whole-self reset through honouring the intrinsic human need to energise, pause, and be in contact with nature. We can't wait to support you on your Self Care Portugal Yoga Retreat this August.

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