Busting the age myth

Age is seen as the cause of disease and withering of our once youthful selves. In MOST instances, ageing is not a causation but in correlation with disease/injury and our attitude to ageing and the lifestyle we adopt having the effect on health as we age. I can’t tell you how many times students say ‘it’s because I’m getting older’ with this translating as ‘I have an injury/illness because I’m old and not because of my habits and lifestyle in the previous years.’

If we do away with all those limiting, cultural beliefs (those not based on facts but opinion) we actually see that ageing affords us with a better sense and responsibility for our own self-care. We amass enough memories to know that going on an all night bender will make us feel like crap, that not treating our bodies with care will result in injury, and putting processed food into our guts will leave us with an unhealthy debt. So injury/disease is usually an accumulation of choices made from our younger selves and not suddenly appearing because we’ve reached a certain age! Age represents wisdom, being able to use our intellectual power, passion and know-how to not only honour our present physicality without others’ beliefs of what it should be because of our date of birth, but to also offer a rich youthful approach to our performance, relationships, and outlook. Youthfulness is not contingent upon a number but our willingness to keep on learning with an open mind. Keep on ageing

Side note: Christoph's papa is 64 and keeps getting a PB in his ultra marathons outrunning those half his age. Why? Because he does not buy into the ageing myth and trains and competes according to how he actually feels. Result? Less ‘can’t do because I’m older’ and more ‘what is possible right now?’

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