look at the diamond necklace around your neck

“And remember, you have a practice” are words I heard from Michael Stone, the late Buddhist meditation teacher, many years ago that still give me as much comfort now as they did then. Last year I was asked by a student on retreat how I maintained a regular self Yoga and meditation practice over 15 years. The answer was immediate and clear: “Because I remember how I felt before and I don’t want feel like that again”, I responded. A dedication to Yoga has opened up doors to experiences, insights, and a ‘job’ I never thought were possible as an angst-ridden teen and twenty-something. But the greatest gift Yoga and meditation has allowed me to cultivate is the experience of peace as an intrinsic part of who I am. Who we all are. And this has opened the door to allow love in and foster trust in the craziness that is life. There are ups and downs, yet underneath it all is peace that we can never lose, it can only be forgotten. So when I bring to mind “You have a practice” I’m reminded that there’s something beyond that’s always guiding me towards peace. There’s something bigger than ‘me’ guiding each of towards peace when we cultivate what’s in our control 💛 You wander from room to room Hunting for the diamond necklace That is already around your neck! ~ Rumi 

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