Are your beliefs clenching or freeing you?

'We don't see things as they are; we see things as we are' - Anais Nin

We have within our power the ability to look at the same situation in a multitude of ways, but we first have to see that it's a conscious choice of whether to go with the clenching limiting belief, or the expansive freeing belief.

Beliefs need to be held up to scrutiny and asked: “Are these hindering or empowering me?” and so often it’s the former. Beliefs are something we internalise about ourselves in response to another’s words or behaviour, with the inner conversation something like “They’re upset with me because I got this wrong, I’ll never be good enough” or “They didn’t visit today, clearly I don’t matter”, “Everyone else can do this, I am weak”. Negative beliefs are often formed from a limited analysis of a situation and can become entangled in our psyche, rising to the surface with the right conditions and stimuli, and even in our posture.

Working on beliefs is the one of the largest parts of the inner work I do both on myself and with clients. Why? When we see our beliefs as constructs, simply a thought that’s been repeated over and over again, we see more clearly and make a choice: Is this belief serving or hindering me? Then begins the empowering but not always easy task of uprooting limiting beliefs and allowing our abundance to shine through.

Here’s a quick reflection when you’re next succumbing to a belief about yourself: say this belief out loud, how does it make you feel? Sense into any sensations such as pulling, heaviness or tightening that accompany this limiting belief so you can better recognise in other situations. Now offer yourself the opposite of this belief, how does it make you feel? Be patient as it may take time for the possibility of believing the opposite to sink in. Now ask yourself, “What would my life be like if I no longer had this limiting belief?” Allow your body to recognise the feelings of freedom.

This picture of me being lovingly and glamorously breastfed by my mum raises my consciousness and challenges a number of beliefs I’m actively working on. Our beliefs are simply thoughts that have turned into behaviour, don’t allow them to limit the unique gifts you have to offer the world.

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