From Snow to Sun, Again…

Ah, so I’m about to set forth to India for a month immersion with my teacher, Matthew Sweeney. I never find these trips easy in the beginning, strong attachments and jet-lagged bewilderment seem to scupper my well-meaning intention to explore my inner and outer world. Yet, inspite of the initial turmoil and even tears(!), I know it’s what I have to do, sacrificing the immediate discomfort for the greater reward of self-discovery away from the confines of my inner home bird.

Everyone making these month-long trips is making a sacrifice in some way, whether it is time with children, partners, career breaks – or endings, as has previously been the case with me – we’re all giving something up, namely security, for this winding yogic path with the destination unknown.

Why? Hatha Yoga – whatever asana style practised – offers a chance in which all aspects of our being – mind, body, spirit – can be glimpsed and we come into contact with what is: our innate perfection in every moment. A month immersion with a person who is dedicating his life to teaching what he knows inspires and fills us up to re-enter daily life a little more connected for the benefit of ourselves and loved ones.

So I’ll arrive in Rishikesh, probably shedding a few tears, definitely jet-lagged with swollen feet and dark-rimmed eyes, but know that this is just what I’ve gotta do.

Stay tuned for the next instalment from Rishikesh.

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