Silver Linings

I had a meltdown last Friday when I my earnings plummeted after voluntarily ceasing group classes and the Premier League was suspended. Like so many of you I raced through the problems trying to find the solutions in a midst of fear as I also thought about the worst case scenarios. And then when it ran its course, I realised I could either succumb or find the silver linings in this unprecedented and collective situation.

I now have more time on my hands which means the online platform I’ve been aiming for since last year can actually happen. An online collaboration with one of my most respected teachers to deliver a truly unique course can actually happen. A sense of togetherness with my loved ones and strangers has never felt so strong. A reduction in global emissions is actually happening. A different way of living and being could actually happen.

Teaching privates including frontline doctors, chatting with Christoph, and friends in the UK and beyond who run businesses, it feels so clear that amongst the tragedy of coronavirus on health and the economy, there are silver linings both collectively and individually somewhere if we look for them. Focussing only on the positive or negative is not going to do any favours, the situation is far too complex for that. So personally I want to have space in my heart for being with the pain that is my own and others’, as well actualising the positives that are and can arise from this historic time.

Sending love and wishes, I hope you can see your silver linings now or in the near future. Xx

P.s. The this yoga online platform launches today! Featuring online yoga classes, meditations and guided relaxation, you can watch these anywhere and anytime.

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