Stockpiling Peace

Stockpiling peace. Since the late last week, I occasionally catch myself sliding into a fearful trance of a ‘virtual reality’ based on possible future outcomes. Anyone who’s ever taken stock of such a moment can attest to the lethargy, sluggishness, yet wired nature of this real but untrue reality. And thankfully I have a practice. Last night I sat in my bedroom chair cherished for its (not so comfortable) armrests, and slightly reclining backrest before meditating for 25 minutes. I started frazzled, hearing the beer namesake virus on loop, until the constant returning to my bodily experience slowed the rapid thoughts until there was just me, sat on the chair with occasional thoughts but with a profound sense of calm. A sense of relief that once again I had proven to myself that I can touch my own peace even in the maelstrom of thinking.

Meditation isn’t there to stop our thoughts but to slow them down so we feel the fertile space that offers choice and ultimately peace which is definitely worth stockpiling during this uncertain, thankfully (ultimately) ever-changing time.

On Friday 20th March I'll be launching an online platform including classes, meditations and guided relaxations which I'd love to evolve into something that grows beyond this time of coronavirus. I also highly recommend meditations by Michael Stone, Tara Brach and Kristin Neff all available on the free app Insight Time.

Being fearful is a survival tool not to be ashamed of yet remaining in touch with our intrinsic peace is our way to keep growing even during collectively difficult times.

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