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system reboot - AVID

moon yoga sequence northenden

The New Year is an auspicious time to reset as we enter a new timeframe. Presented by experienced teachers, Charlene McAuley and Dr Christoph Seiland, System Reboot is a 3 hour workshop dedicated to acquainting ourselves where we are right now, before learning new, enriching and empowering habits. You are welcome exactly as you are, with this workshop bringing together Charlene and Christoph’s collective experience in yoga and other embodied practices to learn how to better accept, encourage, and change what needs to be changed. 


System Reboot is about giving you the tools necessary to approach 2018 with a fresh perspective of your mind and body. We all have things we’d like to change, but only when we accept where we are right now is change possible.


In this 3 hour exploratory workshop, you’ll:

  • Discover existing physical habits that may be causing imbalances

  • Understand if you need more flexibility, strength, or both 

  • Learn how to soothe and invigorate the mind and body with breathing practices

  • Led through familiar and unfamiliar movements and asanas to expand your abilities

  • Guided through a powerfully restorative and relaxing practice to seal the workshop


Upon completing the workshop, you will be given an after-care pack that will include breathing, moving, and meditation practices so you can continue your journey through and beyond 2018. 


Due to the specific nature of the workshop, System Reboot will occur twice with the first aimed at beginners and the latter aimed at intermediate and advanced students of yoga. Each workshop has a maximum capacity of 12 participants. If you’re unsure which workshop applies to your experience, please contact

When: Sunday 21 January, 11am - 2pm

Where: this yoga, northenden

Investment: £30.00

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