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Gareth Barry, Everton Football Club

I have been practicing Yoga for the past five years with Charlene teaching me this season and previously. I feel Yoga has been a great compliment to my other training in helping maintain/improve my flexibility around joints and muscles. I also feel the practice helps reduce neural tension post match which some other aspects of training increase.

Esther Kinsky, Guardian-featured Author and Literary Translator, Berlin

Charlene’s classes have been a real inspiration for me. Her teaching style offers a perfect combination of personal experience, physiological knowledge and emotional warmth. After almost 20 years of practise I felt that Charlene’s approach truly enhanced my understanding of yoga as an exercise of body and mind.

Laura Connor, Teacher, Manchester

Charlene is a very warm and welcoming teacher who has developed her own personal style drawing on her wealth of experience.  Her Boutique Yoga Motion class brings together her deep understanding and passion for yoga, into a flowing, yet powerful sequence of movements.  I find the calming atmosphere of Studio 17, combined with the small class size, creates the perfect opportunity to reconnect with my breath, body and mind.

John McKeown, Head of Sports Science and Medicine, Everton FC Academy

Charlene’s attitude to work was excellent, her commitment to maintaining quality of instruction was ever present. Each age group had tailored sequences to suit their physical and mental development and where necessary individuals were identified for extra work to target weaker areas for further development. We saw a big improvement in the physical ability and mental concentration of the majority of our players.

Sheila Tolley, Manchester

I am a relative beginner to Yoga – practising for just over a year, but within that time have experienced a variety of styles and teachers – Charlene has however become one of my favourites. This is in part due to her serenity and grace, but also because of her attention to detail and making us all feel as if we are ‘in safe hands’, whilst encouraging us to gently push ourselves.


She carefully breaks down postures and always offers alternatives for people like me who are not as flexible as they would like to be!


The combination of Charlene’s style together with the beautiful garden studio we practice from, make the Saturday morning class a real delight to attend and I always come away feeling chilled and invigorated at the same time.

Lynne, Heaton Moor, Manchester

I highly recommend Charlene’s excellent Boutique Yoga Motion Class.  Her personal and attentive approach is lovely and I feel my body and mind are really benefiting from this new and refreshing type of yoga practice. 

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