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Workshops are the ideal opportunity to deepen your practice by delving into the details of movement, meditation, and breathwork. With interactive images, detailed guidance, and freedom of movement, this yoga workshops online and in-person will inspire your practice.

Senses Beyond Workshop: Moving and expressing from the sacred aliveness of your being

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(places are limited)

Saturday 4th September

10-12:15pm GMT


Payment via bank transfer or PayPal:

Charlene McAuley



Once paid, please send an email to to confirm your booking.

How do you express the 37 trillion cells you're made from? How is it to move not through techniques but your feeling essence? How is it to undulate  and know the nature of the ocean through your body?

Senses Beyond  workshop is a coming together of my 16 years of practising Yoga, and nine years teaching. In this 2 hour 15 minute session, I'll be guiding you to embrace the wonder of your sensual being by going beyond the mind/body divide, and experiencing the wholeness of being.

Yoga means 'to join' and 'to yolk together', however, the reliance upon techniques and 'right/wrong' in most contemporary Yoga teachings can hold us back from experiencing the essence of Yoga. In bringing together principles from Embodiment practices such as Body Mind Centering, Gestalt Therapy, and expressive practices such as Dance, Senses Beyond is tied closely to the ancient practice of Tantric Yoga whereby the emphasis is not on athletic ability - although this is likely to improve through the practice - but practising in a way that heightens self-knowledge, reflection, and resiliency in all aspects of our being. 

During the workshop we will move through the three pillars of Senses Beyond: Embodied Expression, Embodied Yoga, and Therapeutic Wonder. We will explore the origin of life through embryology, moving from a sensory basis and not through directing, and ultimately how we can practice/live with more compassion and wonder for our sacred life.


This workshop is for anyone who wants to take their practice beyond techniques and wake-up to their own magnificence. 

Senses Beyond website coming end of August.

Follow Senses Beyond's Instagram for inspiration and updates.

Psoas: Strength & Freedom From Your Deep Centre

How can we move, breathe and be rooted to our centre? And how can this place of being improve presence and expression?


Online via Zoom

First taught Saturday 8th May 


9:30 - 11:30am GMT


Payment via bank transfer or PayPal:

Charlene McAuley



This two hour workshop is an exploration of the beautiful structure of the psoas. Beginning in the mid back and connecting to the top of the inner thigh, the psoas is a muscle that inspires curiosity and has a certain mystique about it, partly owing to its depth and intricate connection to the heart and diaphragm. 

You'll be taken through in-depth images throughout the class to spark your imagination and heighten your sense of the psoas as you begin with simple movement. We'll explore classic Yoga asana before moving into more fluid movement and improvisation; the workshop will then return to Yoga asana and end with psoas breathwork. 

Strength & Freedom From Your Deep Centre is a culmination of my own journey in healing lower back pain, as well as guiding many students into accessing the wonder that is the psoas, a place of being that humans have harnessed for millennia, from carrying objects on the head, to being revered as the seat of the soul in order to deepen spiritual connection.


This workshop is for anyone with a movement background, including teachers, wanting to deepen their experiential understanding of the psoas in movement and being. 

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online live classes

75 minutes: £7.00

unlimited yoga platform

access to prerecorded videos: £6.00 a month

Embodied Yoga

Embodied Yoga is a result of continuous research
A distillation of various methods, mind-body techniques and philosophies.
No contortionist postures
But joyful, simple, powerful movements for each individual at all levels
To promote longevity, calm, strength
A gentle workout for the whole self.

The practice is a unique combination of breath and movement to infuse mindfulness into all we do. In Embodied Yoga you meet yourself where you are right now, no competition with yourself or others. Charlene McAuley will guide you through variations every step of the way, encouraging self-trust, belief, and sensing from the inside-out so you create a bespoke practice that honours your individual needs. See above for yoga classes in Manchester. 

“It’s better to live your own life imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection.”

Loose translation, Bhagavad Gita, Chapter 3, Verse 35


Release & Relax Yoga

Release & Relax Yoga is the perfect way to soften any tension in the mind-body with gentle movements before a guided relaxation to reset your whole being. 

In addition to his medical training, Christoph has spent the last three years studying various methods to promote true wellbeing through relaxation. It will have elements of Yin Yoga to ground, slow movements to release pent-up tension before being guided through a deeply restorative rest.

Hatha Yoga

Using classic yoga postures the class begins with some breath work to allow us to bring the into focus into our practice, which then leads into a mat-based warm up before flowing into some standing, grounding and balancing asanas. We then move towards the floor for seated strengthening and lengthening movements before finishing the class with a guided relaxation.

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