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YogaMotion™ is a two-pronged workshop with one purpose: to uncover hidden aspects of our movement and breathing potential in order to be empowered to further develop our physical dexterity and mental application.

Part One: Movement Medicine

This part is dedicated to working with varied aspects of the movement and possibilities of the human body, to develop them in a harmonic way, detect weak points as well as balance “blind spots” of a Yoga practice or the body. Every specific physical discipline has “blind spots”, abilities of the human body or mind as well as movement patterns that get neglected; using his background in orthopaedic surgery, Christoph will be introducing techniques such as hanging, locomotion, and loaded stretching to not only improve Range of Motion but to build up strength in that newly acquired area too, so that flexibility never exceeds strength, which is damaging to joint stability.

movement medicine

Part Two: Breathing New Life

Inspired by the teachings of Krishnamachyra and his son, TKV Desikachar, the principles behind Breathing New Life into Yoga have been taken from Charlene’s Ashtanga practice to the next level in terms of integration, depth, and focus. Rather than relying solely on Ujjayi breathing, Charlene has expanded the pranayama tools available to refresh the whole practice and uncover areas prone to autopilot and bad habit to reduce muscle fatigue, improved awareness, and strength.

breathing new life

What to Expect

Basically two workshops in one session, YogaMotion™ is open to those with an understanding in any yoga practice and wanting to deepen this. It will provide essential tools for students to move in a more efficient and balanced manner and harness the power of the breath to intensify or soften a practice according to their actual needs in the moment.


The session will be flowing; regular application of the techniques taught in YogaMotion™ will lead to an awareness of blind spots, and the reduction of these so we use all of the tools available to move with purpose, ease, and stability.


For more information about Dr Seiland and Charlene, click here

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